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2d and 3d art for games, animation

Being founded by experienced 3d artists, Orange Graphics has got the best tallents as it's key in-house artists and created an extensive database of good freelancers who are involved in our projects from time to time, when need arises. We've been working on many game projects, including next-gen, WII, DS, PSP and PC titles, have experienced artists who're able to create graphics for browser-based and casual games (including nicely designed backgrounds, interface design, hidden objects backgrounds, pixel art, etc). Some samples of our old works that are already not under NDA are available at our gallery . Feel free to email us to request more samples of our works.

provides full cycle of 3d assets creation: starting from concept art/search of references and up to skinning and animation of completed assets.

In case if our client has verbal description of assets only we can either handle all the work concerned with search of references, blueprints, technical drawings, e.t.c. or draw sketches of any type – starting from rough drafts and up to detailed color versions. Style depends on client’s requirements and may be cartoon ,comics-like, photorealistic or fantasy, e.t.c.

When all necessary references/blueprints/sketches are present our modelers can start working on 3d meshes. Our team is capable to make assets of any type and complexity, starting from extremely low-poly and up to extremely detailed highpoly models. Since it’s foundation our team has been working on following assets:

  • architecture (buildings and environments for levels, interiors)
  • vehicles (high poly cars for racing games, usual cars for environments in FPS games, carriages for simulator game, other vehicles)
  • aircrafts (highpoly aircrafts including detailed and fully realistic interiors – full flight documentation, all available blueprints and photos have been explored to represent each details and it’s capture exactly as it is in the real life)
  • military assets (mostly for WWII - tanks, airplanes, cannons, e.t.c.)
  • vegetation (trees and bushes)
  • level props
  • low poly and highpoly characters, including such that needed detailing in Zbrush
  • cartoon characters, levels and level props

After the mesh is completed either by our team or provided us by client we produce all the texturing work to make the asset “alive”. Texturing work varies from creation of color maps only according to client’s specifications (style, feel and look) and up to detailing the asset in Zbrush or Mudbox and creation of full set of maps used in nextgen games: color, normal and specular maps plus any other custom maps.

Our company also provides skinning and animation of any assets that may need this: human and non-human characters, mechanisms, vehicles, e.t.c.

Packages we use:

  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Lightwave
  • Zbrush
  • Photoshop

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