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Orange Graphics was founded in May 2005 by a team of 3d artists and in year 2009 we've united with a team of programmers in order to provide both art and programming for games.

Our office is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Our team includes 10+ 2d/3d artists and animators, 4 programmers and multiple freelancers/part-time artists.

At the moment we're looking for projects in following areas:

  • 2d and 3d art for RTS, FPS and simulator games (military and civil vehicles, architecture, environments, characters, props, etc)
  • Games for social networks: Facebook and other games similar to Cafe-, Zoo-, Farm- like and other social games and applications. When working on our current projects we've developed a powerfull 3d engine that allows to render considerable amount of 3d objects without any efficiency loss (for instance, around 200 different characters, each about 600 tris and having a set of textures). Besides of that we've developed a set of usefull libriaries that may be used across such projects.
  • Adventure/Hidden objects casual games, and all other types of casual 2d games - puzzles, management games, etc. We've got our own engine for such kind of games that allows us to reduce development time/costs and make the development process more predictable in term of delivery dates.

Feel free to contact us in order to get quote for your projects.

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