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Our company is always looking for talented, enthusiastic and responsible people. We consider that good work requires good reward and don’t save on salaries, but to join our team you must be really competent in your area.

Freelance or remote work is possible, though, we pay attention not only to qualification, but to the responsibility and reliability too. Actually, the last is the key factor when allocating the resources for our projects:

  • First of all we allocate those who are both highly qualified and reliable
  • Second, we can allocate those who are less qualified, but still reliable. Usually such resources get allocated for “easier” and cheaper projects so that neither quality, nor delivery dates suffer. These resources are getting paid less than the first due to increase of our expenses for QA and management. We consider such resources to be promising and invest in their training.
  • Those who are not reliable, independently of their qualification, may be allocated by us only for non-urgent projects that are almost absent in game development, that’s why, being non-reliable automatically decreases your chance to work with us on constant basis.
  • Beginners who are willing to start working in the game development industry: we welcome such people and either put them to our database in case if we have no time to train them or, in case if we have a possibility to train, we do this and can accept a beginner to our team after his qualification becomes high enough to participate in commercial projects.

For all carrer related questions email us to 3dcarreersorange-graphicscomua

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