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Orange UV Tools

These Lightwave scripts has been developed to speed up the process of LODing so that you can optimize your meshes without thinking about uvs.

uv_3d_moveToCenter - welds average both at uvs and mesh

uv_3d_moveToLast - welds to last selected both at uvs and mesh

uv_moveToCenter - welds average at uvs only


uv_3d_moveToCenter actually moves points to their average positions without merging them. In case of using this script at uv seams it sometimes moves points to somewhat different coordinates that needs manual fixing.

uv_3d_moveToLast: moves points to the coordinates of the last point.


functions that move points are replaced by "weld" and "weld average" Lightwave commands, though, the scripts are working only with Lightwave 8, we are currently investigating why they are not working with Lightwave 9.

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